Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


David A. Lee, Chief FOIA Officer
Stacy J. Easter, FOIA Officer
Stacy J. Easter, FOIA Public Liaison
Stephen E. Hart, FOIA Appeals Officer

FOIA Requester Service Center
400 7th Street, SW
8th Floor
Washington, DC 20024

To submit a FOIA request for FHFA or FHFA-OIG records click here, or mail to the above address. Please note, that all mail sent to FHFA via the United States Postal Service is routed through a national irradiation facility, a process that may delay delivery by approximately two weeks. For any time-sensitive correspondence, please plan accordingly.

Phone:        202.649.3803
Facsimile:    202.649.1073

 Reading Room
 Reference Guide
The FOIA Reading Room is a searchable archive of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s final opinions and orders; statements of policy and interpretations not published in the Federal Register; policy and administrative manuals that affect a member of the public; and frequently requested records.

The FOIA Reference Guide will familiarize you with the process for making a request for information from the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

The FOIA is a federal law that provides a right of access to many federal agency records.  Under the FOIA, agencies must have formal rules explaining the process for making and processing FOIA requests.  The full text of the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s FOIA rules is available at the following link.