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FHFA is committed to implementing the principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration outlined in the President’s Open Government memorandum in January 2009. The White House’s Open Government Directive, announced in December 2009, outlines the steps federal agencies must take to expand access to information by making it available online in open formats.

FHFA will comply with all instructions in the directive to ensure the public has access to important information about the agency’s work to meet its mission. As FHFA completes its open government plan and implements parts of the Open Government Directive, we will post items here.

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FHFA's FY 2011 Open Government Plan (September 28, 2012)

FHFA Data, Reports and Information

FOIA The FOIA is a federal law that provides the public a right of access to many federal agency records.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

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Appropriate management of FHFA's records is vital to the success of the Agency as well as recording aspects of our nation's history.

Records and Information Management
FHFA Records and Information Management Page


FHFA Data Sets

The FHFA catalog on presents two main data sets (the HPI and FHLB Member listings). Details are listed in FHFA's data.json file for those data sets as well as other data sets listed below. Queries can be run with the CSV-to-API tool that is explained on the Developer page. Please read the Terms of Service for using the API and data.

Data set Description Formats References
FHFA HPI The FHFA House Price Index (HPI) is a broad measure of the movement of single-family house prices.  The HPI is a weighted, repeat-sales index, meaning that it measures average price changes in repeat sales or refinancings on the same properties. This information is obtained by reviewing repeat mortgage transactions on single-family properties whose mortgages have been purchased or securitized by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac since January 1975.

The master HPI file contains all the FHFA HPIs appended across different types, flavors, frequencies, and geographic levels.  Please see the FHFA HPI page for further information, FAQs, calculators, reports, videos, etc.

Individual files are available on the Downloadable Data page in TXT, CSV, and XLS formats.

Dictionary (XLS)
Technical description (PDF)
FHLB Member The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) system was created by the Federal Home Loan Bank Act of 1932 as a government sponsored enterprise to support mortgage lending and related community investment. It is composed of 12 FHLBanks, more than 8000 member financial institutions, and the System's fiscal agent, the Office of Finance. Each FHLBank is a separate, government-chartered, member-owned corporation.

Additional description is on the FHLB Information page. Please contact the Bank Districts for specific questions.

Previous individual membership files can be downloaded below:
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Dictionary (XLS)