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General Counsel Opinions are written statements advising the Board of Directors and other Finance Board officials and the Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Home Loan Bank members, the Office of Finance, and other individuals or entities, as necessary, on interpretations of law, regulation, or policy. General Counsel Opinions are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “GC”, e.g., 2001-GC-##.
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December 18 1996-GC-10: Authority of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago to Establish a Pilot Mortgage Partnership Finance Program
September 10 1996-GC-09: Political Activities of Federal Home Loan Bank Directors
August 21 1996-GC-08: Use of Community Investment Program (CIP) Advances to Purchase Housing Bonds and Mortgage Backed Securities
June 27 1996-GC-07: Authority of the Federal Home Loan Banks to Act as Counterparties in Derivative Contracts
June 10 1996-GC-06: Interpretation of the “Readily Ascertainable Value” Requirement For Eligible Collateral Under Section 10(a)(4) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act
March 22 1996-GC-05: Federal Home Loan Bank Membership for a Member That Changes Its Charter and Then Relocates Its Home Office to, and Merges With a Member of, a Different Federal Home Loan Bank District
February 15 1996-GC-04: Compensation of Appointed, Acting or Former Federal Home Loan Bank Chairpersons
February 8 1996-GC-03: Eligibility of Municipal Bond Securities as Collateral for Federal Home Loan Bank Advances
February 5 1996-GC-02: Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995
January 5 1996-GC-01: Pledge of Collateral by a Nonmember to Support an Advance by a Federal Home Loan Bank to a Member
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