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General Counsel Opinions are written statements advising the Board of Directors and other Finance Board officials and the Federal Home Loan Banks, Federal Home Loan Bank members, the Office of Finance, and other individuals or entities, as necessary, on interpretations of law, regulation, or policy. General Counsel Opinions are numbered in sequence by year with the prefix “GC”, e.g., 2001-GC-##.
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December 24 1992-GC-10: Effect of In-Substance Defeasance on Calculation of the Federal Home Loan Banks Compliance with the Leverage Ratio and Negative Pledge Requirements
October 20 1992-GC-08: Authority for Federal Home Loan Banks to Pledge Collateral Pursuant to Interest Rate Swap
October 20 1992-GC-09: Applicability of OMB Circular A-133 to the Affordable Housing Program and Community Investment Program
September 30 1992-GC-07: Use of Affordable Housing Program Funds for Federal Home Loan Bank Cancellation and Prepayment Fees
August 24 1992-GC-06: Federal Funds as Deposits in Banks or Trust Companies
May 15 1992-GC-05: Applicability of Executive Order 11478 to the Federal Home Loan Bank System
April 13 1992-GC-04: Risk-Based Pricing Program for Federal Home Loan Bank Advances
March 5 1992-GC-03: Unilateral Retirement of Federal Home Loan Bank Stock
March 4 1992-GC-02: Federal Home Loan Banks Providing Correspondent Services to Non-Members
January 7 1992-GC-01: Potential Affordable Housing Program and Community Investment Program Conflicts of Interest
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