Past HPI Reports - RSS 2.0

Past HPI Reports

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  November 30 3Q 2006 House Price Index
  September 5 2Q 2006 House Price Index
  June 1 1Q 2006 House Price Index
  March 1 4Q 2005 House Price Index
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The following files are scanned versions of HPI Reports - RSS 2.0

The following files are scanned versions of HPI Reports

- 1998
  May 29 1Q 1998 House Price Index
  February 27 4Q 1997 House Price Index
+ 1997
+ 1996

*Please note that the OFHEO House Price Index Reports above (those released through September 23, 2008) were originally published on  Some links provided in these archived reports may link to locations that are now defunct.  The items most often linked to include: HPI Technical Description paper and the Downloadable Data page (these links have been updated to reflect location of pages on FHFA's website). Please contact FHFA at (202) 649-3195 or HPI HELP  DESK for assistance in locating any hyperlinked documents you cannot access. 

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